Business people during a lunch at the loft interiorAny office wants its employees to be inspired when they get (back) to their desks, and good interior office design can make them feel that way. Being able to have an environment that stimulates collaboration between employees makes for a better company. If you want to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, follow these 3 simple tips.

Use patterns: Why not roll out the red carpet for your visitors? No, not literally. Instead, we mean you should take advantage of color and patterns. Whether you implement area rugs or eye-catching tiles, don’t be afraid to get creative. When the floors pop, it makes a statement. Plus, it allows you to get creative with furniture such as desks, conference tables and glass divider walls.

Bright is best: Having an office that draws in as much natural light as possible provides a feeling of openness. If you don’t have direct access to sunlight, try installing bright furniture. Going with a white desk and surrounding cabinets allows you to have a lighter feel in your surroundings.

Bring the outside, inside: If your office has a long wall in its entranceway and gets a lot of foot traffic, think beyond just a coat of paint or a splashy wallpaper. Go with a section of grass turf to give the wall a bit of depth. It’s also a way to make a statement to tour groups and visitors.

Here at Johnson Simon Resources, we’re renowned for our selection of furniture and interior design experience. We work with you to create the coolest office in the area. One that stimulates employees, making them productive and satisfied. Being able to have a happy group of employees allows you to reach new heights as a company. Visit our website to learn more about how we can assist you and your business.