Business people during a lunch at the loft interiorIn office design, color makes all the difference. Whether it packs a punch like bold chartreuse or cleanses the mind like a calming blue, color sets the tone for commercial spaces and is known to impact employee productivity and creativity. Though the top colors for 2020 were chosen by industry leaders pre-COVID-19, they are surprisingly suited to the changing needs and desires of today’s workforce. But what color is right for your space? And how can you complement your design to suit your unique workforce?

Calming Blues

Industry heavyweight Pantone established the mood for 2020 with a clean departure from 2019’s Living Coral. The 2020 tone Classic Blue is a traditional blue meant to instill a sense of “calm, confidence, and connection” and communicate a universal desire for stability in a new era. Sherman-Williams and PPG followed suit with their respective 2020 picks: Naval and Chinese Porcelain.

These deep oceanic blues bring tranquility and calm while encouraging productivity and job satisfaction. They are well suited to collaborative and research spaces, as well as meeting rooms. But, that being said, we feel blue can work just about anywhere!

Muted Pinks

This year doesn’t belong entirely to blue. Soft blushes have taken a significant place in 2020 design trends, a move predicted by Benjamin Moore and HGTV Home. Their selections, First Light and Romance, are entirely different yet share a sensibility and luxury that can only be found in this rosy tone. Pink plays well with other colors, and these shades are no different. Use them in tandem with peaceful blues and calming greens and beiges for the best results.

Inspired Greens

The color green is also on the rise in 2020. Etsy’s Chartreuse and Behr’s Back to Nature are a testament to the versatility of the tone to encourage originality or bring the outdoors in.

With origins in the textile industry, Chartreuse is a bold shade that is known to boost creativity. Etsy describes the shade as “daring, statement-making, and unexpected.” In the office, experiment with this shade in furnishings and walls to bring ingenuity and optimism.

But greens don’t have to be bold to increase creativity, Behr’s calming, natural green is well-suited to bring balance and mindfulness while stirring the creative spirit. The olive-based tone is neutral, so it blends well with other colors and won’t overwhelm the senses. Try it in lounges and areas meant for rest to give employees and visitors designated room to breathe.

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