relaxed2You are going to be hearing a lot about balance when it comes to trends for the office as the pandemic response continues. How do you foster productivity yet still work remotely for part of your time? Does too much physical distancing cause a lesser sense of wellbeing?

Answering the tendencies toward these trends are several designers who are trying to envision what the immediate future will look like when it comes to office space. All Work magazine recently ran an article on its website that goes into several trends that will likely make an impact for office workers as 2021 continues. Here’s a look at the most intriguing ones.

Resimercial design

That’s quite a combo-word to start things off, but there is true meaning behind it. Resimerical is taking residential and commercial features and combining them to make the workplace seem more like home. Among its attributes are a mix of textures and silhouettes, wool rugs, house plants, durable upholstery and more use of natural fibers.

With remote work still to the fore, expect some interesting designs to be a part of videoconferencing in the traditional office space. Among the trends are cameras and microphones that automatically link to speaker systems, smart whiteboards and the trend toward reconfiguring a room to get better acoustics.


The open plan is not as popular as it once was thanks to concerns with the pandemic. This is where the idea of a “neighborhood” is coming into play, specific areas with movable furniture that can be moved around easily and with a minimum of fuss. Among the features of these are work pods, digital whiteboards, and meeting stations instead of fully enclosed rooms.

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