153796866_MCOVID-19 is changing everything. We’ve written about it, talked about it and thought long and hard about it. So it’s convenient that in our ever-evolving industry, innovative solutions will eventually come. And so they have!

Johnson Simon is proud of our nine award-winning manufacturers, who are each tackling a unique industry sector with ease. We are even prouder that, in these challenging times, they have risen to the occasion by releasing designs that provide tangible solutions for offices during this lasting pandemic.

We’ve compiled four of our newest and brightest designs, so office managers and interior designers can similarly succeed in these uncertain times. Please reach out to the Johnson Simon team at (713) 789-6006 to inquire further about these outstanding products.

HALO Hand Sanitizer Station

We’ve never seen anything so sleek. Halcon’s newest addition features a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser along with a glove/wipe dispenser and waste receptacle — all in one beautiful freestanding unit. Available in multiple finishes, this product is well-suited for entrances and forward-facing public spaces to ensure hygienic practices and keep office spaces clean and safe.

Stylex Still Screens

The colors of this series alone make this a top contender for the best new design. But really, Stylex has hit it out of the park with this aesthetic solution to social distancing. These screens depart from traditional fully-enclosed panel systems by offering partially enclosed screen options. They can stand layered or solo and can easily be moved to adapt spaces for solo or group activities. In the current state of things, Still is able to reduce visual distractions and noise, enforce social distancing and aid with proper traffic flow.

Turf Wrap Screens

We’ve talked a lot these past few months about open offices vs cubicles in a post-pandemic world. But with Turf’s wrap screens, you don’t have to choose. These three-sided dividing screens create necessary separation between employees for safety and peace of mind. Simply add them to existing desks by unfolding and sliding into place. There’s no need to reconfigure your entire office space! These screens are made with acoustic PET felt with a built-in cord pass-through for easy cable organization. Plus, you can order this product to your own specifications to get a screen that perfectly fits your space.

ZONEZ Clear Zones

If you’re looking for a product that does more than block workplace airflow, look no further than Clear Zones — an outstanding air filtration system that uses an unrivaled system of fans, filters and UVC lights to actively clean workstation air throughout the day. This patent-pending technology treats air as soon as it has been exhaled, coughed or sneezed, ensuring that employees feel taken care of. The thermoformed PET panels may be adjusted to 18′ or 24′ above any work surface and feature a soft-touch control panel that allows users to control fan speed, filtration settings and power.