Successful businesswoman vlogger or coach talking to camera filmIt’s beyond a no-brainer to state that the response to the pandemic has altered everyone’s lives, but sometimes that change takes place in areas that may not seem so common at first glance. This includes the world of interior design, which has seen some recent trends that are tied directly to the COVID-19 response.

While it talks more about interior design when it comes to the home, a recent article in Forbes shows how these trends have developed, and they could very easily be considered for office space. Among the factors that Forbes found:

Less open space
They aren’t completely out of fashion, but home offices, outdoor spaces and dedicated spaces for virtual meetings have become a higher priority than open concepts. It’s also becoming a creative outlet when dividing space, using screens, curtains and partitions more frequently in the home as well as the office.

The upgrade to the home office
With working from home still prevalent, upgrades to furniture and aesthetics for the home workspace have become popular more than ever before. Privacy, cleanliness and even a space for pets are current trends to consider.

Re-setting the mood

Whimsical touches and brighter, wilder patterns are also coming back into vogue. Colorful accents, fun kitschy items, and wall art to bring in new elements are all being chosen more in order to bring some brightness and life into what may have been more sterile spaces.

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