With the recent change to 2021, a lot of people take it as an opportunity to make changes for the better. When it comes to the physical space in which you work – and if that space is still actually home – small changes can help not only with productivity but also with your own personal health.

The website known as The Muse is offering some tips on how to make that office space a great place for productivity, as well as a welcoming place to spend most of your time in a given day – which for many workers is still true, no matter where you park your office chair.

Here are just a few of the ideas that are being shared to make your home office better.

Change up your physical space
It’s possible that you are located in an odd space that causes all kinds of disturbances, from loud appliances to being too close to the regular action of the household. To that end, find a quiet corner if you can to do that all-important work. A room with a door away from recreation areas – or the laundry room – isn’t a half bad idea.

Clear out the clutter
This one seems like a no-brainer, but as the days go by it’s easy to see papers and ephemera piling up. It’s important that you don’t go all the way into a totally clean desk – that’s just unrealistic and you need essentials at close range. Still, getting some organization tools such as folders or holders can go a long way to getting the space to a good place for productivity.

Bring the outdoors inside
It’s something that certain homeowners have believed for decades: bringing in plants or fresh flowers can instantly brighten a room and bring a sense of the true home to the office. Even something that requires less care like a succulent or a cactus can help make your office a more welcoming place.

Bring back the sense of smell
Certain essential oils have been proven to help with energy levels or concentration, but it should be noted that some scents are potential allergens. You can also consider lighting a candle in your area if that is preferable over essential oils. Still, it’s a good idea to distinguish your space in some way and having pleasant aroma in the atmosphere can go a long way to helping with productivity.

Try out some of these ideas for an office space that really feels like “you” and becomes a place that is a joy to go to each day. If you need accents, or even furniture makeovers, we can be a great help to you with a variety of different styles and utilizations. Go to our website to learn more.