It’s become a hot topic as home offices become more of a norm or as people return back to work at their former work spaces: ergonomics. The idea behind ergonomics is to create the best work station that takes into consideration efforts to improve posture and lessen the negative effects on bones and muscles.

The Point2Homes website recently released a great article that goes into some practical tips for anyone who wants to improve their work ergonomics. Here’s a look at a few of the techniques they recommend.

What’s in your top 4?

There are four clear changes you can make right now that can improve things for you quickly:
1. Make sure you can see your entire work area without moving your neck sharply.
2. Put your monitor at about an arm’s length away from you.
3. Rest your feet on the ground or a footrest with no pressure on the back of your legs.
4. Make your keyboard and mouse level with or below your elbows.

Find your ideal desk height

There’s a simple formula for this one: calculate your height in inches and then divide that by 2.5. That gives you the ideal desk height to look for. If it’s not an option to get a new desk, then consider purchasing a good, sturdy adjustable chair so you can get the right height for you.

Avoid repetitive movements

One of the most common causes of pain associated with the office is repetitive motion. To that end, some simple adjustments can help. Move your phone to an easier access point closer to where you sit. Make sure the mouse of your keyboard is on the same level as your keyboard. Also take stock of which items you use the most and keep them closer to you.

Tips like this are easy to set in alignment with your daily duties, and a more pain free environment could be around the corner. You can get more information on what products we can provide for better ergonomic health at the Johnson Simon website.