Vertical garden in modern interiorIt’s safe to say that trends are as unpredictable as anything else in the world at the moment. One element that’s always present, though, is the desire for those who design these spaces to make them pleasing to the eye, workable in an office setting, and maybe even inspiring to thought and creativity.

Now that last one is a bit hard to quantify, but in general watching the trends in the industry can help you tap into the zeitgeist and make some great workspaces that help the workday pass with positivity. The website News Anyway recently shared five trends that are out there in the ether right now.

One color at a time
Monochromatic schemes seem to have returned after a period with some color pops at the fore. The article states that matte finishes, dramatic shades and softer hues are a part of this style.


Giving the office a homey touch, the use of plants such as walls of greenery, air plants and ivy speak of the company’s sustainability as well as blur the line well between leisure time and work.

Again, this is a sustainability, environmentally conscious driven trend, with countertops, walls and floors adding warmth by using wood products.

Hospitality design
With more workspaces at home, there’s also more demand for some of those touches in the office setting, including more comfy furniture, coffee machines and even game rooms.

Repurposed and strictly old-school designs are also being placed more in the office, including such accents as vinyl record players or retro video games.

The idea seems to be to draw inspiration as well as relaxation – when you can – from the office setting. For some more ideas on what can be provided to make your office distinguished from all the rest, go to our website.