modern  officeThe coronavirus pandemic is changing the world around us and will continue to do so for months and probably years into the future. One of the areas sure to be impacted is the office. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can invigorate your workspace and give employees a more attractive place to come to once social distancing measures are over.

Open spaces. This is going to be exceptionally important in the future. Small offices and cubicles encourage the spread of germs and may leave your employees feeling uncomfortable. You may want to consider tearing down walls and adding extended couches that are comfortable but allow employees to sit a few feet away from each other. If you have desks or tables together, you might also want to consider installing plexiglass to add a feeling of safety and separation while still allowing for conversation and collaboration.

Rotating decor. Just because the world has changed, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your office bright and colorful. Consider implementing shelving units, hanging paintings or implementing sculptures. It’s also becoming increasingly popular to bring the outdoors in. For example, a wooden accent or turf accent wall adds a sense of nature while breaking up the traditional white walls associated with many offices.

Community look. Think outside the box and do away with personal desks. If you have an office that has open space or a long wall with windows, embrace natural lighting. You might also want to add colorful chairs or stools that bring a bit of whimsy into the setting. That said, make sure everything is spaced at least six feet apart. This will ease anxieties in a post-pandemic world.

Look outside the box. Do not limit yourself to other offices for design ideas. Look at a hotel lobby, restaurant or coffee shop and translate these ideas into your office setting. Invest in high-end lighting fixtures, add a splash of color to the walls or put in a pinball machine. Little things like these can encourage creativity and a sense of relaxation. Two things that are incredibly important in a stressful world.

Knock walls down. We talked about getting rid of cubicles and small office spaces earlier. However, if you want to keep separation between various employees, consider using glass walls. These lighten up the office and create a sense of accessibility. To encourage airflow, you might also want to install air purifiers or fans.

We don’t know how long social distancing. measures will last for, but we’re here to assist you and your team once they do. In the meantime, we’re also offering virtual consultations to help our clients prepare for the brave new world that lies ahead. If you’re interested in learning more, call us today at (281) 682-5113