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Working through pain can be a trying occurrence if you have arthritis. Being in a sitting position for most of the day doing regular office work can make the symptoms of this condition even worse. The good news is that simple ergonomics can help with stiffness and pain, especially in the hands, joints and lower back area.

The website Everyday Health recently outlined some tips that will make it easier for anyone who has arthritis to continue working from home or at the office.

“Having an ergonomic setup ensures you work in neutral postures that reduce strain in your joints and tissues already affected by psoriatic arthritis,” says Natalia Ruiz, a physical therapist with NYU quoted in the Everyday Health story. “Therefore it can reduce your symptoms — or reduce the risk of developing them.”

Among the tips that the story provides:

Find the right chair for you
This is essential, especially that you purchase one which supports spinal curves and can adjust in height, as you want your forearms and thighs to be parallel to the floor. Armrests are also not recommended, unless they are adjustable, to avoid contact stress on your tissues and joints.

Seek out an ergonomic keyboard

Keyboards should be at an elbow height of 90 degrees while wrists remain straight. Keyboards with ergonomic splits put the forearms and wrists in less stringent positions.

Catch the right mouse
Avoid trackballs to reduce motion and make sure the mouse allows you to keep your palm flat, which will mean no pressure on the wrist. Using a trackpad may also be a better option for the same duties that a mouse provides.

Think about a standing desk
Still a hot trend in office furniture, an adjustable desk is great for ensuring that you change postures to quell sitting for too long. The article’s experts recommend 40 minutes of sitting and 20 minutes of standing in an hour.

Along with taking frequent breaks, deep breathing techniques and a general sense of mindfulness, having an ergonomic setup for the office can help reduce stress in the workplace and help make you a healthier person. You can get more information on what products we can provide for better ergonomic health at the Johnson Simon website.