SANDLER SEATING announces a brand new brand, INSPEC which encompasses threeEuropean manufacturers. Lammhults, Randers + Radius, and OMK. Many of these products will be familiar to designers as they were a part of the ICF brand in the US previously. Lots of new seating, tables, and airport type seating to choose from!

TURF introduces 2 brand new products to assist in social distancing. Wrap is a great screening series that uses PET screens to create natural workstation barriers. Also introduced was Solo, a “set in place” seperator for desing and benching that creates a clear deliniation from one space to the next.

STYLEX is introducing 5 new products! First is Still…a beautiful series of screens that create space division in the most elegant way possible.  Second is Dela, a side/guest chair that pays homage to minimalist design. Beautiful and customizable!

Next up is Trim, an elegant table series that use the base to create interesting shapes and forms as they nest together. Laptop tables and other unique sizes are incorporated into this series.

Also introduced was Quick Screen, a screening series on casters that nests and connects together to allow the end user to literally create the spce necessary for the task at hand.

And finlly, STYLEX added a new table series to the Free Address line…these great tables are on casters and can gang together to form work areas that “work”!


HALCON introduces Crew, an exciting new table line tha flips, nests, has amazing power options, and makes use of different materials than have been traditionally available on this procuct type. An incredible series of associated credenzas completes this product line and makes it an amazing choice for your clients “less than boardroom” level meeting areas.

Three H introduces three new products. MOS Tall is a response to the pandemic and the need to create spaces that provide some physical separation. A “private office without walls”. SideShare is the reception desk reimagined with new materials and shapes creating a more contemporary entry point. Cord Jacket makes the cumbersome task of wire management for height adjustable tables easier, cleaner, and more manageable

Johnson Simon Resources is proud to have added 9 TO 5 Seating to or line package. 9 TO 5 has a long history of providing cost effective task seating solutions that have features nd comfort way above the price point! We have received our initial samples and are ready to give you terrific options for task, stack, and side/guest seating that will absolutely work within the clients budget. Also, make sure to check out the CHAIR DESIGNER on the 9 TO 5 Website. In an era where ease of specification is king, this tool will make your job easier 24/7!