Block off some colors

Are all of the walls in your office the same color? Try implementing a color blocking scheme instead. Contrasting hues provide visual stimulation and add a layer of sophistication to your office.

Sit down wherever

If all the chairs in your office are the same style or design, consider mixing it up. That way, your team members can choose the seating that works best for them.

Set the mood

If you have a communal room in the office for meetings, use the walls to install shelving. This allows the room to double as a break area where your team members can read or relax.

Get outside the office

If you’re redesigning your workspace, get outside the office to come up with ideas. There’s inspiration everywhere, from hotel lobbies to fitness centers.

Don’t compromise on style

Stylex’s Metrum seating allows for you to mix, match and socially distance. In a post-Covid world, the ability to spread out seating arrangements has never been more important.