OXER benching

Do you want to add perimeter seating to your conference areas or waiting rooms? If so, look no further than OXER benching from Halcon. It’s stylish, durable and incredibly affordable. The trifecta of interior design.

Keep the noise down

Noise dampening pieces of Torrent provided by Turf keep noise levels down during meetings, presentations and conversations. Plus, they’re sleek and attractive, adding a touch of style to your office.

Sit in comfort

Sandler’s HDS seating is stackable, making it convenient for storage and movement. It’s also incredibly stylish and sturdy. Additionally, the chairs are separate from one another. This allows for creative organization and social distancing throughout your...

Look on the light side

Incorporating light shades of paint on your office’s walls brightens up the interior and goes a long way to boost people’s moods. That means happier team members and improved productivity!

Conference with style

Contact us today to find out more about Halcon conference tables. Each model features the Halo soft edge––patented protection for table and chair while delivering vital connectivity. Combined with modern sideboard storage and integrated seating, Halcon has everything...